Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mother's Cleaning Recovery

Georgia's Porch Swing

There are mood swings that affect the attitude; and then there are mood swings that affect a housewife's ability to clean.

Most of the time I want to clean, with an artist's creative heart. Other times, I clean for part of the day and am content.  But sometimes, there is a mood of "recovery" that comes over me. This is when life has been overly busy or there have been too many events in a short amount of time and I get mood weary of housework.  This is a special time, because I am weary, but not sick.  I am good humored.  I tend to make a lot of jokes with my family about my apparent lack of work.

One of my teens was doing a list of chores today. I then reminded him to make dinner. (smiles) He said, good naturedly, "I'm doing all your work now!"    I told him, in my sweetest voice,  "We all have to work around here." I then paused and said quietly. . . "Except me."   He laughed. He knows I am in "recovery mode."

Earlier, we were in the car on an errand. We talked about how important hard work is and how we must all earn money for the things we want.  I said those words again. . . "Except me."  The children know I have a contract.  But we make jokes about it. They know I work hard in the home.  They also know I am in "recovery mode," which means I get all dressed up to do "nothing."

When I am recovering from cleaning or too much activity, I am peaceful and quiet and smiling a lot. I read and watch television. I do a little housework - just enough - and delegate the rest.

This is the sweetest time for me.  I pace myself and enjoy home and life. But I know the most exciting part will come very soon - in a day or two - when all my energy has returned, and I am able to clean and work hard again. This, of course, is my favorite thing of all - taking pride in a lovely, well-kept home. I can't wait!

Mrs. White

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Priscilla @ Live Simply, Save Much said...

I want you to know what an impact your blog has made on my life. I was raised up in a home full of abuse, and neglect. I didn't know what it was like to take care of a home with a joyful spirit. Thank you for being honest about your life and teaching us young wives who didn't have training to find joy in our homes. I always look forward to your posts, and I read your posts when I am feeling like I want to crawl under the covers and hide from my responsibility.


Heather Lynn said...

That is IT! That is exactly what mode I go into, and had never identified it. Thank you so much for this blog today. :)

Cathy said...

So true, Mrs. White. I love that being a homemaker includes the responsibility of managing my own time. As long as the needs in my home are met, it doesn't matter exactly in what order I do things, or what time frame I follow. We each are able to develop our own style and pace of housekeeping, according to the needs of our own families, and that allows flexibility for high energy days and low energy days.

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