Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Old Time Family Gathering

Afternoon Song, 1885

"What shall we do now?" Here is a question from a parlour guest. They have just had tea, walked about the room, played a little on the piano, and want a new idea for a bit of fun.

Perhaps two are in the corner playing a game of checkers, with deep concentration.  Perhaps one of the ladies sits by the fire, busy with some handi-work.   Another comes by to see her progress, asking for pointers on her own embroidery project.

Now one offers to read a bit of poetry to the group; Or a bit of Charles Dickens to bring a bit of culture, education and character to the minds of the parlour guests.

Dinner is announced. . . All commence to a formal table for a happy time of dining with one other.

                                                         -   -   -   -   -  -

I wonder if this old time gathering is possible in this day of television, computer, and mass consumer shopping.  There are sports programs, and holiday movies to entertain guests.  There are computers which call us to visit online. People are planning their financial adventures, and want to shop at all the evening and next day sales. But what if we took a bit of yesteryear and made it possible for our families today?  What if we ignored the diversions of our time and really sat around the parlour and passed the time in a lovely, peaceful way. . .   Just for a little while.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. V. said...

Oh, I so agree with you! I think that the concept of walking about the room would be foreign to most young folks these days. But your description sounds lovely and shows that with all we have gained due to technology, we have lost much as well.

M said...

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mrs. White (: God Bless You

Dawn said...

This is exactly what our gatherings are like!! We talk, play games, sing, play piano and guitar, tell stories from years past...and my kids and our guests always LOVE it!!
No TV or movies to distract. Just a good old fashioned fun time!!

Suanna said...

I enjoyed this post. This year we had plenty of conversation, great food, my son played a piano piece he has been learning about Indians, the kids made a craft, we took a long walk outside and we did watch some football at the end of the afternoon while it was getting dark.