Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Homekeeping

Winter Memories

This is such a cozy time of year. The landscape in Vermont is completely white. We often see thick snowflakes gently falling to the ground. It is like a Norman Rockwell painting.

I am indoors this early morning, planning my housekeeping.  I will do dishes, wash the kitchen floor and vacuum.   Before I start working, I will open the blinds, and turn on a dim lamp.  I will be able to see the sun rise while I work. 

Homemakers often do a lot of extra baking in the winter.  This warms up the house and delights the family with fresh treats.  I will bake muffins and brownies today.

I have laundry to do, and some organizing.  I will put the wet laundry on a wooden rack, to dry near the heater.   Then I will have some hot tea in a pretty cup, and sit by the hearth for a little time of rest.

We will have a nice lunch this afternoon.  I plan to make a pasta dish with garlic bread and salad.   Then I will enjoy some reading, and perhaps a little television, before it is time to begin the evening meal.

May your Winter Homemaking create lovely memories for your family.

Mrs. White

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Housewife59 said...

Just reading your post today has made me all toasty and relaxed : ) I am just going to make those muffins..

Unknown said...

Sounds like a very comforting day. Bless you & enjoy! We're introducing another little munchkin into our home daycare here. So it will be a slow-paced play day and a pasta dinner that is easy to fix. :)

Amy said...

Baking is my favorite thing to do in the winter. Though I don't have a hubby or family to share with - so I'm fattening up the ladies at my work instead it seems. It's such a blessing to share the work of your hands with others though.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Sounds like a good day. I was concerned about you and prayed for you yesterday. Don't give up hope. With God's help, you can recover.

Sheila said...

Beautiful plan, but it looks like a bit too much for you. I do the same thing, and then I pay for it the next day. (I have fibromyalgia). Please be kind to yourself.
Best wishes, Sheila

Anonymous said...

I Love the gentleness in all your posts, and how they feed my soul, and help me in my own struggle in homemaking and motherhood. Thank you for making your blog a much needed ministry to Christian women who truly want their vocation as wife and mother to be for the glory of God. I also ask God to bless you and your family and for giving me such a godly example to follow. God bless you. Antonia.

The Lady Beale said...

2012 was one of the hardest years of my 52 years. I have allowed satan to throw his darts and pierce my soul. God is healing this and He is using your blog to encourage and even direct me.

I have forgotten the JOY of being a homemaker. I have forgotten the Joy of being a wife (30 years now). I have forgotten the JOY of being a homeschooling mother of my precious 15 year old son.

I read your "Winter Homekeeping" entry yesterday-a very cold place in my heart began to warm. I have pondered you post along with this Sunday's sermon and my attitude ever since.

I would like to report that a spark of fire has been sighted and I am so at peace. For several years, off and on, I have doubted the path that I chose. All of this because my daughter has totally left God and everything that she has been taught and trained to be. I was totally crushed and hit a downward spiral that I could not have imagined.

Time, which God has used, is beginning to heal the wounds of my heart. Your blog has become a friend to me, a place where I can go and rest.

This post has shown me what a true blessing and gift HOMEKEEPING is. Not only a gift to my husband, my son and all who enter here, but a gift to me. It is my calling by which I serve my God and King.

Thank you so very much for your gift of sharing your life in printed word. I relish it.

Mrs. Sharon Beale

Anonymous said...


I just received your book in the mail. I looked through it and I can see it is well written. I am snowed in today and it was an effort to just make it to the mail box with so much ice on the ground, so I was especially pleased to find the book in the mail today. It made the walk worthwhile! I'm looking forward to making a cup of coffee and reading a few pages!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Your words encouraged me as always.