Thursday, March 28, 2013

When Ironing Makes it All Better

Mother of Family Living in House Beside Railroad Tracks in Coal Mining Town Ironing Laundry

There are days when housework is dreaded. We are not in the right "mood" to clean and bake and cook.  Or, perhaps we are letting some trial take over our mind, causing us to fall into despair.  This is sad, because once we start our chores, we are often happy and at peace. There is joy in dusting and polishing. There is pride in cooking for the family.  There is happiness in creating a pleasant haven in our homes. 

At times like this, one of my favorite things to do is get out the old ironing board.  I might get pillowcases and sheets if there is nothing else to iron, but I get something.  I can set up the board anywhere in the house.  It is nice to be near the children.  Or I might turn on an old black and white movie to watch while I work.

Ironing is done in a slow and careful manner.  It forces one to be peaceful.  This kind of work should not be done in a rush, or under stress;  Because that would take away its benefits.  Of course, the clothes we iron will look lovely, without wrinkles!  But the warmth of the iron and the steady movements we make while we work, will bring a calmness over us.

Husband and children will see this.  They will see something that is rare in this culture, where sloth and slacking are the goal.  Family will see that mother loves home and she loves her housework.  She will be with the family and they will see her doing the old homemaking tasks, the rare tasks that help make home special, and this will somehow bring peace in the home.

The next time you are not in the mood to clean, or you are overcome by sadness, just get out the ironing board and enjoy a precious task that homemakers have been doing for generations.  Trust me, you will feel so much better!

Mrs. White

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Home On The Rock said...

Ironing has become a lost art of in these times. I don't particularly enjoy ironing but I do appreciate the end results which is worth the effort. Wonderful writing :)

Kath said...

Hi Mrs. White. I love your blog. It always inspires me to lovingly care for my family and home. If you haven't yet read, "First We Have Coffee" by Margaret Jensen, I think you would like it. "Mama" always irons when she is upset by "Papa!" Blessings on your day.

Mrs. N said...

I so appreciate this post about ironing. It works wonders! Who doesn't like the feel of a crisply ironed pillowcase? I iron a lot- not because it is a chore but because I like the feel of freshly ironed clothing, pillowcases,and dishtowels. Also, I like that it is quiet with familiar sounds and smells. Gentle movements that bring order. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,
You hit the nail again! Ironing is one of my favourite tasks. It has a smoothing effect on my soul. It´s always been that way. Here in Spain, with more than 200 sunny days a year, people don´t usually have a drier but the old clothes line.That means ironing before putting things neatly away. I noticed ironing had such a relaxing effect on me many years ago. My best ideas, the most inspiring and creative ones, pop up while ironing softly, calmly, prayerfully. So I decided to have my ideas notebook by my side every time I start ironing.

Jenni / Life from the Roof said...

This is so true! I often spend more time and energy avoiding my housework than I do doing it, and find that when I do, I feel more peace and contentment, and yes, even energy, than I did when I was "resting."

Laura Lane said...

I have no reason, but I'm feeling sad today. Thank you for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Yes...ironing is one of my favourite things to do. When I was in high school, I had friends who would tease me because I ironed even my sweat pants for gym class!

Tip said...

When I iron, I like to spend that time in prayer for the person whose item I am ironing. It is such a peaceful time.

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