Sunday, July 28, 2013

Staying Home

American Homestead Summer

I heard the church bells ringing this morning, in our rural Vermont village. I had forgotten it was Sunday.  The days flow from one to another, and the weeks pass, barely noticed.  There is little need for the calendar, when one cannot leave one's home.  But hearing the church bells was a treat.  I loved the reminder.  I stop whatever I am doing and listen to the bells.  It is a call from the church to the townspeople, to prepare for the assembly of the saints.    Even though I stayed at home, I was blessed by the thought.

I have been without a car for a month now.  I have given up all my good-intentioned endeavors of driving, and taking people where they needed to go.  My errands of grocery shopping and banking, are delayed, but eventually get done.   Not in my time.  This reminds me that it is not my will, but the Lord's.   Here is something I have lost control over. . .  The ability to go out.  . .  I fret at times, but I am at peace and very grateful.  Good things are coming from this.

Today, the house is quiet.  My young adults are finding things to do, here at the Estate, and are enjoying the slow-paced summer days.

I am working on two book projects. I hope to have them ready next month.   Living in a rural Vermont Estate is the perfect atmosphere for writers.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Are your books profitable enough
to be of help? I have bought two
of them and they are very good.

Laura Lane said...

Good for you! You are making the best of a difficult situation.

Blessings to you,
Harvest Lane Cottage

Anna Ramos said...

This post brings me to tears. Lately I have been crying out to God because I have been so frustrated that I have been stuck at home in my nice suburban home in a largish city, for weeks on end with the occasional trip to the grocery store or church, for lack of funds, while my friends keep busy with church and play dates and other activities and bemoan spending one whole day at home. I was so fed up and took it out on my husband, as though he can magically make someone hire him-- he's been out of work for 8 mos. Your post just showed me how ungrateful I've been, and how I ought to be thanking God for his blessings rather than complaining! Thank you!

Jill said...

I read this and thought oh how lucky she is to be able to actually stay at home. I don't work outside the home, but I find that almost daily I have to run out and do something or another. I get so upset because I feel like I can't get anything done in my home because I'm out half the day. And once I get home, make dinner, clean that mess, bath the kids etc. I'm too tired to do anything else. I love your blog by the way; you have been such a blessing to me!