Monday, October 7, 2013

An Evening in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

Sparks Lane, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA

In the early 1990's, Mister and I moved to Tennessee. We lived there for about 3 months.  We had packed up all of our belongings and wanted to try a new life in the south.  At the time, we had four children. The youngest was only a few months old.  It was an incredible adventure!

The landscape in rural Tennessee is breathtaking.  The churches are lovely and inspiring!  We went to Dollywood and Cades Cove.  We looked at land for sale and mobile homes.  We were renting a little house in a suburban Knoxville community.  But we loved our little trips to the country and to see the "sights."

Last night I was delighted to see "Christy" on INSP television.   Mister and I watched several episodes, late into the night.  Christy is part of a missionary team who minister to the people in a rural mountain community.  There is a school and a church, but no businesses and no stores.  The scenery in the program is peaceful and makes one long for a rural, old time, country life.

There are so many incredible lessons to glean from "Christy."   The families were poor but had great pride and would not take charity.  They wanted to work for all they had.  The menfolk were the providers.   The mission house dealt with all kinds of failure and terrible situations, but they kept going.  They endured it and prayed and had faith in God.  They didn't give up on the people they were put there to minister to.    The missionaries were not perfect and made that very clear to each other.  I love that!

I noticed last night that the entire series of Christy is available on DVD, for a very low price.  I hope to get a set when I have a little extra money.  I would love to have it for the lessons and the peacefulness. I would also love it for the memories of living in a place that, sometimes, I wish I never left.

Mrs. White

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Lori Alexander said...

I loved that show! I was so sad they discontinued it.

LuAnn Braley said...

I didn't catch many episodes of the series Christy, but I read the book growing up, and loved it.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the series but I love the charm and beauty of Tennessee. I was married in Pigeon Forge and we stayed in a beautiful cabin there for our honeymoon.

We were able to take a hike by our cabin, walk along and in a creek, golf, and take a helicopter ride.

I also really like the city of Chattanooga. We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast there that was like a dream! It's called Stone Fort Inn and I could have lived there.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I thank you for taking me down memory lane for a bit.

anita crane said...

Wow! What a good deal!I can't get it yet but when I do I will definately go thru your link! I only ever saw a few episodes. I am always drawn to the dress of women!

Anonymous said...

I live in TN.I was born in Nashville and now live in the country very close to beautiful waterfalls,farms and rivers.It's a daily reminder of God's beauty. :] I got married in the Smoky Mountains and loved it.TN is where my heart is <3

proverbs31heart said...

Our youngest son got me the video set a few years ago for Christmas and I have enjoyed it over and over. I hope you get a set soon, Mrs. White! <3

Magnolia Tea said...

I'm glad you had a good visit to my neck o' the woods. And a big thank you for spelling Smoky correctly. You'd be surprised how seldom that happens I've even had a few folks tell me I spelled it wrong on my blog, lol.

gail said...

For some reason Amazon won't send Christy to my address in Australia. I'm not sure why but I'll try again later and of course use your link. I remember reading that lovely book many years ago. I'll have to see if I can still get it from my local Christian Book store.
Have a lovely day.
Blessings Gail

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