Friday, May 16, 2014

I Cannot Do it All

Parsons Gardens Park on Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo is of a Garden park in Washington

The weather here at the Estate is lovely.  Mister has painted one of our picnic tables and it helps make the front property look fresh and new.  He also helped me plant cucumbers in a small front garden.  Our strawberry plants are thriving up on the hill. This is our third year as amateur gardeners.

Each day I open the windows and put potted flowers on the sills.  I have daises, mini roses, white flowers and purple ones.  These are all on the second floor and as I look at them, I can see the lower landscape of the property. It reminds me of a cozy apartment where window boxes and patio gardens are common. It is a touch of home that anyone can have.

I have vacuumed and swept and polished the rooms. I vacuumed the front staircase and cleaned the entryway.  I have done laundry and dishes. I have baked and cooked, and took time to enjoy my pretty flowers.  Then one day, not too long ago, My glasses went missing.  I am always losing them. But this time, someone accidentally stepped on them.  I normally use them to read and to drive. I also like to wear them when I clean so I can see all the crumbs and messes, to make everything look sparkling and nice.

 So this past week, with my impaired vision, I have learned another needed lesson. I cannot do it all.  Others have stepped in, and life has been more leisurely. I still clean and cook, but others are doing some of the sweeping and washing.  Others are doing all the driving. I was clearing off the table and doing dishes and one of the children said, "Mom, how can you still clean when you can't see?"  I told her that I had everything just about memorized and it was a habit to just keep working. 

The laundry and the housework are a basic part of my daily life.  But when I cannot see the jelly grandbaby has gotten on the floor, someone gets the mop and washes it all up.  I only notice it when I step on it. But someone comes along and gets it clean. (gentle smiles)

Because I cannot see very well, I am more quiet.  It has dimmed one of the senses that keeps one on alert and overly busy.  I work at a gentler pace and the family has been sweet about this, my latest handicap. 

Soon I will have a new pair of glasses. They have been ordered.  The money has come as a blessing from the Lord.  A donation came the day before the glasses broke.  I am taken care of by my precious Lord before a need has even happened.

I am thankful to learn that others come around me and help me through this life.  Even if this is just in housework and errands.  If you notice this post has typing errors, please understand. I have the keyboard memorized, but can't see well enough to fix my mistakes.  That is just like my life I suppose, flawed despite my best efforts.

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

This post is so very real. Rarely are things perfect for the homemaker, yet we must keep moving forward for our families though headaches, colds, back pain, sprains, pregnancy and a myriad of other things that just come with being human. On these challenging days when I make up my mind to carry on despite hardship, even if I can only work at half pace, I am always delighted that what needs to get done for my family's well being always gets done. God gives us exactly what we need to do His work for His people in His time.



Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas, Mrs. White. Glasses sure do come in handy. I'm so sorry about your glasses getting lost.

I rejoiced on Friday when I ordered my new glasses. Waiting for them to come in. Hope they turn out well. Glasses and I have a bad relationship together.

Hope yours go well.

Angell said...

Whenever I need encouragement and motivation to get up and clean, yet again, you always help!

I jump on here, get motivated and now I'm off to clean. Thank you!!

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your glasses but I'm thrilled to see how God worked in your life. He always takes care of us!!!

God bless you!!

Unknown said...

Mrs. White I am sorry about your glasses. I know the feeling of having of not doing the things you want to do for yourself. I learn in the those moments that it is Jesus way of making us rest when we don't even know it.

Mrs. Crane said...

I broke my glasses too! They were super glued together.. my church kindly paid for new ones.. my first new ones in 7 years.. what a blessing.. I can x-stitch again!