Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time with Mister

Winter Scene, Dalarne

One of the grown children called in the early evening.  He just finished his shift at work and had locked the keys in his car. Could someone come by with a spare set and help?  We looked out the window. It was not quite 5 o'clock.  It was dark and snow was falling.  The streets were slippery. Mister offered to drive.  I went along for the ride.

Rural Vermont in the winter is a beautiful, peaceful place to be.  I find it very restful when Mister does the driving. I can sit and enjoy the snowy landscape.  Mister often reaches out to hold my hand as he drives along.  He lets me listen to what I like on the car radio.  At this time of year, Christmas music is playing continuously on our local station. 

When we arrived at our destination, Mister got out and cleaned off our son's car.  The door was opened with the spare key, and the engine was started to warm it up.  I watched the two of them under a lamplight, talking, as snow fell all around them.   I was thankful to be in a warm, cozy car.

As we drove back home, it was pleasant and quiet.  I remembered our last outing, when we dropped off one of the vehicles for repairs early one morning.  The drive home with Mister is always special because it doesn't happen very often.

In almost 3 decades of marriage, we have never had a "night out."  We never went on a "date." It is not something we ever thought about.  Our time outside the home or family was always practical.  Our outings are essential errands.  They have always been that way.

During these drives, we don't argue. We don't talk about any worries or problems because they don't enter our minds.  We enjoy the car ride and the beauty around us.   Mister makes sure the car heat is warm enough for me, and that I am comfortable. He opens the door for me and makes sure I am safe.  These gentlemanly acts of kindness are what make the trips a little respite from the trials of life.

We are also very grateful when we arrive safely back at home.  Despite our flaws and normal annoyances in daily life, we have work to do.  It does not matter that we are both worn out.  Our children and grandchildren need us.  They need us to stand strong - together-  and get back to the business at hand - the striving and cultivating of a godly lighthouse, despite a cold, imperfect world.

Mrs.  White

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Deborah Montgomery said...

You can take a potentially stressful event and make it sound like such a peaceful outing. I am so encouraged by your quiet, grateful spirit.

Dolores said...

Mrs. White, your writing soothes my soul.

Linda said...

It is so good to see your posts again. I enjoy your writing so much.

jviola79 said...

This is such a sweet & precious post. One I am grateful to have read this morning! Blessings!

Naomi said...

Mrs. White....that was precious and I can relate to running out when a child of ours needs us. Thank you for sharing at WJIM's Monday's Musings. Have a blessed week.

JES said...

Your gentle writing always blesses. I can also related to the life spent at home. We also don't do outside entertainments and amusements. We have our time with our coffee cups on our patio which we enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to share at the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

Unknown said...

It is so great that you can be there for your children and I love the analogy of a lighthouse. Thanks for also sharing the journey with your husband, what a blessings. Thanks for linking up at Good Morning mondays. blessings