Sunday, August 9, 2015

An Afternoon Drive in the Vermont Countryside
Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

Early this morning, I heard the church bells ring in our village.  I was sitting in the back parlour with my blanket, tea, and a book.  I thought of my neighbors on their way to our little church and smiled.  If I had the strength and the energy, I would have gone to the service as well.

I spent most of the day resting.  I managed to do some kitchen work and a little reading.  Mister and I were too tired to make our supper so I asked if he wanted to take a drive to the market.  Our boys had already gone to work for the night.  There was nobody home to help us.   A peaceful drive in the country would be just the thing to cheer us.

Even though it is "summer," there is a chill here in the rural mountains of Vermont. I often take a little blanket with me for our car trips.  It always makes Mister smile. He does not understand some of my peculiar ways. (For instance, he has never heard of washing a dustpan after use, but it is one of the essentials in my housekeeping. - gentle smiles.)

It is lovely to sit in the passenger seat while Mister drives because I can look around at the scenic mountain views as we go along into the next town.  There was not much traffic today.  The stores were fairly quiet. 

I bought some fresh spinach, a watermelon, and a package of miniature cookies.  One of the grandchildren should be here tomorrow and I want to make sure she has some special treats. Sometimes I make her lunch, putting it in a brown lunch bag just for fun.  I also like to give her a little cup of fresh fruit.

After the market, we went to a fast food restaurant to get Mister a hamburger from the drive through window.  This is something we rarely ever do. I wanted him to have a special treat to cheer him during this time of his physical suffering and confinement.  He tries to order something for me, even though I do not eat much and would rather just have a salad at home.  So to make him happy, I let him buy me a small French fry.

The drive home was quiet and pleasant.  Storm clouds were darkening in the sky.  Rain started to fall.  The setting sun shone a beautiful glow onto the bright green grass and through the pretty trees.  As we drove into our driveway, we were happy to be home.  Mister and I are very patient during our trial and are grateful for our little drives in the countryside. 

Mrs. White

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Laura Lane said...

Good morning Mrs. White,
Yesterday, during church service, a sweet couple celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. It was followed by a celebration dinner.

They both have health issues, and he was using a walker because he had recently fallen and hurt his leg and broken his hand. It was beautiful that even in their afflictions, they were recommitting to the "for better or worse in sickness and in health".

Your account of your Sunday with your husband, both loving each other and helping each other "for better or worse in sickness and in health", is beautiful as well. God bless you both and heal you both in Jesus' Name.


Miss Steph said...

I always enjoy a drive through the country - just getting out of the house and seeing the world can be so great for the soul. Glad you found your trip to be so beneficial!

Karen Del Tatto said...

During times when I have been acutely sick, I too can remember something as simple as a drive would bring such refreshment to my soul. How much more driving through the beautiful Vermont countryside. :-)

My husband and I vacation in Vermont often, and I have said to him many times, it seems as soon as we cross over the border from New Hampshire to Vermont, I can feel the stress just melt away and peace wash over me. Living in Rhode Island, we don't have mountains, so the mountains of Vermont are always a joy to see. I also love the pasturelands.

Thanks for sharing and bringing the peaceful feeling of Vermont right here as I read.

Lori @ Frog's Lilypad said...

My husband and I enjoy our weekly drive dates. There are so many dirt roads with farms and ranches where we live. Since we've only been here almost three years, we love exploring our little corner of Montana. Thank you for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

Stephanie said...

What a delightful drive :) I, too, love taking drives with my husband. I smile because when I was younger I disliked riding in the car for long hours so if my parents mentioned taking a drive I often I simply enjoy it :)

Thank you, dear one, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and blessings!