Sunday, October 30, 2016

24 Years of Homeschooling with Christian Liberty Press

When I first started homeschooling, I ordered a package curriculum from Christian Liberty Press. This was in the early 1990's.  It was their Kindergarten package. I was so excited to see all the workbooks and use them with my oldest girl.

I don't remember how I heard about their company, but I will always be grateful to them for starting me off with confidence.  They included an encouraging Cassette tape which discussed homeschooling. There was also a wonderful book in the package called, "An Acorn in My Hand" by Ethel Bouldin, which was originally published in 1964. I loved that book. It was written by a lovely teacher who was much appreciated by parents and students alike as she taught the children how to read and write.  She shared inspiring ideas and lessons.  I still have the book in my home library.  I use it as a reference.

The Kindergarten kit also included "Hearts and Hands." All of my five children have loved this book. They remember it fondly.  When one of the younger ones was starting formal school at home, I would tell the older ones that we would be sure to get a new "Hearts and Hands" book!

My five children are all grown up now.  The oldest is nearing 30.  Each one has attended our little home school and graduated. Each one started off with Christian Liberty Press books.  Their company has made it very easy and enjoyable to teach my children.

This fall I have started homeschooling my grandson.  I have a package of books from Christian Liberty Press. It is a company I dearly love and greatly trust.   Over the next few months I intend to share two reviews each month of some of their products. If you have any homeschooling questions or ideas, please feel welcome to share in the comments.


Completed Reviews in this Series:

 Liberty Mathematics Level K    (*)

In the Beginning Handwriting Level K    (*)

Class Lesson Planner    (*)

Celebrating Art   (*)

Hearts and Hands  (*)

The World God Made   (*)

First Catechism

Christian Liberty Kindergarten Phonics Readers (Set of 4)   (*)

Adventures in Phonics Level A - Third Edition   (*)

Christian Liberty Nature Reader - Book K

Little Pilgrims in God's World Student book, Teachers Manual, and Activity Book

History for Little Pilgrims, Teacher's Manual, and Coloring Book

Nathan's Story by Michael J. McHugh

Bible Treasures: Genesis to Ruth

Edited update:

After completing all 15 posts, I have placed an  (*) on all the items I recommend.  These are my favorites and ones I have used with my children, and will continue to use with my grandchildren. 

This post is the first in a series of reviews I am doing using Christian Liberty Press curriculum.  I hope to do 2 reviews each month as I work with my grandson for Kindergarten. This one is the first post, and is considered the introduction to the series.

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Tammy said...

How wonderful to be able to homeschool your grandson!

We use Abeka, and so far (3rd grade) are happy with it. I substitute other stuff to fill in (extra map work, workbooks, ect), but I love a Godly curriculum.

Have a great year teaching!

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a blessing to have the privilege of homeschooling your grandson!

A Candle to Read By said...

CLP was among the very first elements we used. I read their history story books to our kids even before we took them out of public school. I loved the "Studying God's Word" series, too. Glad you are getting the chance to use these things again!

Anonymous said...

I have been homeschooling for 20 yrs this fall. We have used CLP as well. We especially love the spelling and penmanship workbooks. Reading books are great too. Our kids have read them over and over again. Very inexpensive too. ~Diane

Mrs. Ever Green said...

I would love to know what you used for the upper grades 7-12 as my oldest will be starting 7th next fall and I am in research mode. It is so wonderful that you are homeschooling your grandchild, what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I'm a home school graduate and used CLP all the way from kindergarten through high school. I LOVED the curriculum and am currently using it with my six children. :-) It prepared me incredibly well for college and I had stellar SAT scores and graduated a year early with my degree.