Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joy of Homemaking

Comfy Kitchen

It is a lovely morning! I turned on some old gospel music and just smiled with joy! I tidied a few things, greeted my family with a welcoming smile, and made some plans for my morning.

I am delighted to have energy today. I am grateful my injuries are healing so I can do my homemaking duties. I have missed them so much! I am going to polish and scrub and then take a long break on the front porch.

The children and I will do some summer school lessons. John (12) will work on Math. Then he will read to me and do his spelling. Amy (15) will begin reading a book by Charles Dickens. I will have her do the online math program as well. We will do more lessons later in the afternoon.

It will be a lovely day with tea and cookies and a precious suppertime in the evening!

May your day be filled with the joy of homemaking!

Mrs. White

The greatest joy in the home is our time of Family Worship.

The Sewing Hour is a wonderful opportunity to listen to sermons.

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The Hillbilly Wife said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my silly little blog. It is nice to find a like minded woman such as yourself!(Well, not like my hillbilly side, lol)
My children range 6 months to 20 and I homeschool.
And my favorite time of day is family worship as well! Have a good day.

Fee said...

I just love your Blog, and find that your posts are very helpful to us as a family. My children are from ages 6-20.
You have some wonderful posts about family worship and homemaking, and it's all good advice.
Look forward so much to your daily emails.