Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Early Morning in a Peaceful Home

Summer's Eve

It is raining and cool this morning.  As I look around me, everything is tidy and quiet. Old-time Southern gospel music plays softly in the background. It is peaceful at home.

I want to work slowly today. I want to sweep my floor with joy in my heart. I want to make a special lunch and set the table in a delightful way to make my children smile. Perhaps I will make little place cards, and put some flowers on the table.  I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the market for only $3.99. I have an errand to do this morning. I think I will stop and buy them.

We have a delicious chocolate fudge cake I baked last night. I will serve it with tea this afternoon. I think I will bring some downstairs to Nana and Grandpa and visit with them.

I want to do some sewing in a little while. I want to sit in my favorite chair near the window in the living room, and hand-sew while I talk to the children. I need to set up a mending basket to keep near my chair. Sewing will help keep me calm, particularly when teenagers get moody!

I want to walk outside and, just for a little while, imagine a world with no television, no radio and no distractions from the beauty of a simple, God-centered life.

Mrs. White

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Just an Average American Mom said...


I also love to imagine a world of no TV, phone, etc!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy early mornings before my family awaken. The house is so clean, calm and quiet. It's a very special time of day for me to reflect quietly on life, and to count my blessings, and pray to God.

Betty @ said...

Ahh, bliss, if only it could stay a bit quiet and relaxed. Most morning on our farm end up being a bit harried. ;) hjay to bale, animals needing tended to, and neighbors who need help. God's blessings are in all of those though. ;)