Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bible Treasure Box


Many housewives have index card file boxes they use to store treasured recipes. They look through this daily and consider it an essential tool for homemaking.  This same kind of box can be used for homeschoolers.

I came up with a fun idea and then ordered two boxes and two packages of index cards for my youngest children. I am going to introduce them to the Bible Treasure Box. Here is the plan:

There will be three divider cards. One for bible Verses.  One for Prayers.  One for Charity (Mitzvah - Jewish term for good deed or commandment.) -

1. Each day, the student will search the treasured Bible to find a special verse. This will be any verse the student wants. He will then carefully copy this down on an index card. He will then draw on it or decorate in some way. I will provide colored pencils, drawing pencils and crayons. Perhaps they will sketch tree branches, flowers or birds in the corner of the card?

2. The student will write out a prayer request or read over ones they've already written. They will then have private prayer time. They will be able to look over old cards and see which prayers have been answered and write them on the back of each card.

3. The charity section (Mitzvah) is for good deeds, commandments or donating money. They will write out one thing they did that day. Perhaps they helped someone without being told? Or maybe they gave some of their own money in the offering plate at church? Maybe they surprised grandpa by shoveling the snow off the front porch before he woke up? Just maybe, they told the truth at a time when a lie would have been so much easier.

Daily, I will say to my children the normal things:

1. Did you do your homework?
2. Did you do your chores?
3. Did you do your Treasure Box?

Soon it will become an essential routine and a precious part of their childhood.

I want them to get excited about this box which will contain important words, and prayers. I can just see my children sitting at the table with a Bible, searching for Treasure - finding just the right verse to write down for the day. I can see them decorating the card to make it look beautiful. I can imagine them looking through the prayer cards and closing their eyes and saying a short prayer.   I envision them getting excited about doing good deeds and coming up with ideas! They will look over past cards and have a sense of joy in their hearts!

The Treasure box will help teach them many lessons in the coming years. It will help discipline them to have daily religious duties.  This sounds so good. . . I think I will get one for myself as well!

Mrs. White


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Karen said...

I love this! AND the box, it's beautiful :)

Cara said...

I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope to put something like this into practice with my children.

Cara said...

I did in fact start a treasure box for each of my children (and myself)! We all have enjoyed doing it so much. We also added another category--thankfulness. We have to list one thing we are thankful for each day. We have only been doing this for a week, but all of my children have looked forward to doing it everyday. One of my children keep asking if they can do it more than once a day because they enjoy it so much.

Thanks again for a great idea!

Unknown said...

Great idea. The key is consistency. I sometimes start these kinds of projects and then peter out. :-(