Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creating Home Life

Mother's Welcome

Home is a sanctuary for the family. It is the place where Mother teaches and guides her children to a beautiful, productive life. Each morning, she must come up with ideas and inspiration to create a home.

Boredom has no place in loveliness. Too much television, movies or even video games will distract and interfere with Mother's imagination. She needs to have a sharp mind to keep the family together and happy. She must be clever and full of ideas to keep the family motivated and heading in the right direction.

She can do this quite well at home. She can prepare herself each morning for the daily meals and housework. She can do the laundry, baking and cooking while smiling and chatting with her children. She can ask them ideas for re-arranging furniture, planning a special holiday meal, inviting guests, or preparing for a winter storm.

She might decide to have some fun family nights - with an Italy theme, complete with checkered tablecloth, Italian music and a delicious pasta dinner.

She might encourage the children to have cleaning contests - whoever has their room decorated and clean by 6 pm will win a prize!  Perhaps she has a few treasures, from the dollar store, hidden away for such occasions.

She might give the children a chance to create a menu and make a special supper, on their own, to surprise the family.

Or, she may just wake up, begin her day with joy and happiness that spreads throughout the home and makes everyone feel safe and secure.

Everyday, through sadness, depression, good times or bad - Mother has to create a home life. No one can do it for her.  This is her time of shining. It is her legacy. All the days of her life become the center of the family's history. It will be their childhood memory. What Kind of mother will you be? And what kind of home will you create?

Mother, what is your personality? What is your charm? What kind of culture are you joyfully transferring to your children?  

Mrs. White

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Lorie said...

Excellent questions, Mrs. White. I will be meditating on them throughout the day. This post is a much needed reminder.


Tracy said...

This is a beautiful post! Love it! :)

busymomof10 said...

Beautiful post! You inspire me so much Mrs. White! Thank you for these thoughts and the challenge to create a legacy for our families!!!!

Stam House said...

what a sweet and encouraging post! Making a home feel like home is the best job in the world and I LOVE it!

Lisa Grace said...

I am so glad I found your blog; what a great article! I'd like to share it on my blog and link over ... this says so much of what I've been trying to make a reality in our home and share with others. Thanks!

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