Monday, October 11, 2010

Mother Makes the Home

Sunday's Colors

We live in a secular culture. We are bombarded by images, attitudes and values that are decayed and destructive. Yet, our homes do not have to be that way.  The presence of a godly Mother can make home a precious place for her family.

Despite what goes on in the world, Mother can be about the Master's business at home. It should be a peaceful place where love and mercy abound. She will go about her daily duties after a time of prayer and private Bible study. She needs the spiritual strength.

She will clean and bake and cook. She will listen to her children's woes and give them guidance. She will show them love by her actions and words. She will be the anchor of the family.

At times there will be trials and annoyances within the family. But these soon pass if we are patient and long-suffering. We forgive quickly and try to keep each other cheered up.

It is amazing how teenagers will choose worldly music over sermons or gospel. They would rather sing the catchy tunes of society, rather than the old church hymns. That is why Mother will take the initiative and keep a godly culture in the home. Perhaps, at times, she is tempted to listen to the worldly music. But then, just for a moment, she forgets the eternal goal for her family. When she makes the effort to turn on a sermon- CD or sing a hymn from the old hymnbook, she is far more blessed and rewarded for her efforts than she ever thought imaginable.

Mother is the conductor. She is a guide, director, mentor; the mistress of the home. She will gather the children around for Bible time. Some may respond eagerly. Others may sigh with annoyance. Nevertheless, in years to come, they will never forget that Mother made the home.

Mrs. White

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Catherine said...

Thank you. I love your blogs about motherhood and homemaking.

Clint said...

My wife and I love your posts. You are building on the ROCK. That is so important, because the rain is gonna fall, and the wind is gonna blow...

busymomof10 said...

What a beautiful, encouraging post!! Thanks for encouraging mothers in their high calling in the home. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs. White:) I am greatly, greatly encouraged by your blog. Saving for your books. God bless you and your family.