Friday, October 15, 2010

A Cozy Morning at the White House

Bayshore Blossoms

It is dark and cold and dreary outside this morning. I can hear sounds of rain falling on the roof. We are indoors and cozy. Mr. White has a few days off from work. He got the wood stove going so we are nice and warm.

I am going to turn on some soothing classical music and put on my apron. I need to tidy up the kitchen while it is still quiet. Most of the children are sleeping. I want to do a little morning- baking while I sip on hot chocolate.

I was thinking about how peaceful life can be when a Mother settles down. When we are young and energetic, our actions tend to go forth in many directions. We want to do so many things - so many projects. We are not settled down. As we get older and more tired, we begin to realize how pleasant a quiet life can be. It is a life with few outside commitments. Our heart is at home, but so is our spirit. We are gentler. We are more focused. We walk through our days with a slower pace. We take more time for Bible reading and prayer. We have more patience for the young ones around us. It is a blessing when Mother settles down.

I think I will make a pot of soup and let that simmer for awhile. I will have Amy make biscuits when she gets up. We will have a pleasant hot lunch today. Then we will play some cards or monopoly, as if there were nothing else happening in the world.

We will be safe and sheltered at home. Even if it is just for a few hours.

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Cindy Ellison said...

Soup and biscuits would be perfect for the day you described. Just yesterday I was remarking to my husband about the days when we played board games. I miss those days, spent many hours in childhood playing board games.

Enjoy your blog!

Tristan said...

I enjoyed your post, then got a chuckle trying to figure out if I'm still considered a young, energetic mom or not! I'm 29, so probably in the middle, but at the moment being 34 weeks into this pregnancy I feel anything but young and energetic! We like to stay very home centered and are not involved in lots of outside activities, it just makes for a closer family when everyone spends time together more than they do apart.

busymomof10 said...

I LOVE the title to this blog post! LOL!

Reading your blog makes a mother want to settle down and enjoy a quiet day of homemaking. You have a way of making it all sound so appealing! When I read your blog, I always want to go clean something or go bake something!! :) I feel so privileged for being able to stay home and enjoy my home and family and feel sorry for the women who must, or who choose, to spend their days away from their homes and families@!!!!!!

Thank you for blessing me and encouraging me to be content and productive in my home!!!

Deborah said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I enjoyed my visit here.

Anonymous said...

That is the same thing I've been thinking lately when you wrote, "we begin to realize how pleasant a quiet life can be." You expressed it so well.

Sarah said...

This one has me in tears... I so desperately want this for my family! We seem to be so overwhelmed...but it's all stuff that is so unimportant! I need to pray on this...thank you :)


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