Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy at Home

Demunn House

Last night, I finished up my housework and went to church. I was blessed beyond measure. The meeting was inspiring and educational. The children and I came home renewed with a gentle revival in our hearts.

When we got home, my dear Mr. White allowed me to watch several episodes of The Donna Reed Show (from Season 2 on DVD). I had the best time! What a fun, productive night!

I woke up this morning refreshed and happy. I had every intention of putting on my heels and pearls while I worked at keeping the home. But I forgot all about them and read a lovely book instead!

Later in the day, I polished the rooms and made them look inviting. Then I sat with my favorite cookbook for creative ideas. Did you know that The Old Betty Crocker Cookbook (from the 1950's) had many darling introductions to their recipes? One cute one, on page 385, under the "Holiday Spaghetti," says - From a famous movie star whose wife often serves it at their informal supper parties. How cute is that? (smiles)

On page 383, under "Monday Macaroni," it charmingly says - Sunday leftovers in an easy and delicious dish for Monday's dinner.

It all just made me want to work that much harder coming up with creative suppers for my family. I think I will do that this coming week. I would love to use several of these fun recipes. They are economical and delightful.

Well, I am off to have a little hot chocolate and get back to my reading near the fire. I hope you have a pleasant evening at home.

Mrs. White

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm so glad you made it out to church. My mother has that version of the Betty Crocker cookbook. It's quite worn, and well loved!

Lorus! said...

I grew up cooking from that cookbook. Since we couldn't find another copy and Mom's is falling to pieces, she copied favorite recipes from it and created a cookbook for me. That way she didn't have to read recipes to me over the phone on a daily basis! :)
That cookbook is used EVERY day around here!.

Suzanne said...

We have gotten all the Donna Reed shows from Netflix--love them:-) And I have that cookbook I got off Ebay, I love the vintage photos in there.

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