Sunday, January 2, 2011

Putting the House in Order

Morning Mist on Rack Isle Outside Weavers' Cottages, Arlington Row, Bibury, United Kingdom

I have been working on domestic duties the last few days. I feel like an old housewife. This home is enormous and is hard to keep up with. Slowly, each day, I try to do a little, then take a break. Then I do a little more, and rest again. I love this way of life, but am making no progress. I think I will do a weekly tossing of things that are cluttering up the house.

Wouldn't it be delightful to have domestic servants? I would want a butler to answer the door and the phone. I would like a gardener to handle the property all year round. I would like a maid and a cook. I want them to help me with my work. I would not want them to do everything for me. I just want the help.  But they must be capable and hard working. They also must have kindness and dignity, and loyal hearts.  Anyone want a job or two in my house?

At this moment, I have some dishes soaking in the sink. I will wash down the counters and sweep the floor. Then I will sit and read for a bit. I also have some laundry and meal planning to attend to. Last night, I baked some brownies. I set aside a few and wrapped them up and placed them in a special decorative box. Mr. White will be visiting an elderly neighbor soon.  He will bring the package as a little "visiting" gift.  Don't you love it when someone stops by unexpectedly and brings you a special treat?

I have to say, my greatest goal in life is to Stay Home. This place will never be bereft of domestic supervision. A homemaker is a mistress of her estate. It is an honor.

Mrs. White

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Lisa Grace said...

It sounds like a beautiful day! I think my favorite days are the ones in which we don't have to leave home, but we can stay home and enjoy it. I love the little tasks that I get to do to bless my family, although there are days that I too wish I had a helper. However, as I train up our children at home, my precious daughter is becoming a huge help and our son is learning to as well (he is still pretty young, but is generally eager). It is an honor to be able to live the life I was created for!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much!......Denise

Unknown said...

I would love a job or two in your house. Not only is it a dream of mine to spend time in New England, but your blog has sparked such a fire in my heart! I always wanted to be "just a wife and mother" but over the years I had lost sight of that, because of the demands of life and the disappointments of my idealistic existence. But somehow, in the past week of reading your posts and examining my heart I have found peace and hope and a vision of my desires that I didn't even realize I had lost. Thank you!! I will keep reading and keep seeking my God-given purpose, and I am finally prepared to defend it with ALL my heart and soul and strength. God bless you and I thank you.