Friday, February 11, 2011

A Quaint and Quiet Life at Home

Wrought Iron Bridge

Despite the fact that I am surrounded by teenagers; Despite the noise of their generation's music; Despite the occasional sibling arguments or the rolling of the eyes when it's time for chores, I am going to have a quiet life at home.

There needs to be solemn moments of meditation for my mood and demeanor to be prepared for this family. I need to rise while it is yet night to visit the prayer chamber. I need to look out the window at God's beautiful world . . . after several moments of taking in the Psalms or Proverbs from my treasured, vintage Bible. 

When I wash the floors . . . do the dishes . . . vacuum . . .  or do laundry, I am in my own little quiet world. I am grateful for these tasks, these labors that allow me some solitude. For where do you think the children go when there are chores to do? They invent homework or offer to clean their own rooms. They cheerfully run- off before they are asked to help me with my work. This is my plan. They have their own tasks and I must have mine. This is for my sanity.

Looking out the window as the sun begins to set, after a long day of work, I happily sigh. I see that there is more to my feeble soul than just pride in  this day's accomplishments. I see the grandeur of God's amazing world in the landscape out my parlour window. I see the dark clouds coming and I see the beautiful trees and lovely front garden. It is a quaint and quiet life when one sets one's mind on eternal matters.

Mrs. White

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