Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Classy Homemaking

British Actress Margaret Leighton Washing Crystal Glasses with Housekeeper at Her Country Home

Whenever my Mother had to go out, she would put on a little lipstick. Then she would go to her bureau and dab a little perfume on her neck and wrists. This was a way to be refreshed and prepare to be sociable outside the home, on her errands, or for appointments.

Mother always looked nice, though, even at home. Her hair was always done. Her clothes were pretty and neat. She enjoyed her daily tasks and always made good food for us to enjoy.

Lately, I have been a little out of sorts. Early in the morning, I put on my apron, fix my hair and . . . then I remember that my pearl necklace is missing. I always love to put that on when I am cleaning the house. It is like getting dressed up to do my work. The necklace is just a $20 piece of jewelery but it makes me happy. Still, it almost feels like I am missing something. I am without that little piece of class that helps me take pride in my work at home.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways we can add a little style to our homemaking.  How about getting a fresh flower from the garden and putting that in your hair?  Join that with a little happy step and soon, cleaning the house will be a way to keep you cheerful! I mean, what fun is it to put on some old sloppy clothes and drudge through our home duties? We can make a little extra effort, with lipstick, pearls, fixing our hair and even flowers - to help us with our work. Imagine how our family would feel seeing us look classy while we kept house? That would inspire them and make them appreciate home even more.

What will you do to make housekeeping classy?

Mrs. White

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Lisa Grace said...

I'm so glad you wrote this! I know that it's not all about how I look, but I always feel better when I've dressed up for me and show my family that company isn't more important than they -- THEY, too, are an occasion worth dressing up for, taking care of, and decorating for. I love to put on my apron, pearls, and nice shoes before I get out my duster and polish! I also always wear earrings and put makeup on now -- that is a new addition to my day -- and it is a signal to myself that it's time to be productive!

Alison Agnew said...

most days i like to put myself together for the sake of my family, but also for myself...if i feel pretty then i tend to act a little happier in general...and i'm sure my family appreciates that! thanks for posting.


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Claire said...

What a great idea!


Tracy said...

A delightful post, Mrs. White!

MamaHen said...

Hi Mrs. White, I was just going to leave you a comment telling you I submitted an article for the magazine. I hope you are having a lovely week so far.

Leah said...

I always feel that how I look on the outside affects my entire mood for the day. I do my hair and makeup everyday even if I know I'm not going out all day. It's important for my daughters' sakes (and sons' for that matter) that I don't go around the house looking like "the haggard housewife". It says something to them about how I feel about my vocation. Also my husband appreciates that I take the time to look nice because he knows that when I "feel pretty" it makes for a better evening all around.

Taryn said...

My 6 children have asked me through the years why I wear shoes in the house-shoes that are only for the house. They take off their shoes when they are in the house. I have always told them that this is where I work and could not imagine not wearing shoes(flats-not with a heel) during my work day. I do not wear jewelry, nail polish or perfume in or outside the house. In the past, I did put mascara on my top lashes-after my morning shower- but now at 55 my eyesight isn't what it use to be so I no longer do that.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I totally agree with you, Mrs. White. Blessings to you and yours!

Unknown said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately...and how one commenter mentioned, that my family is more important than company. Thanks for the encouragement to make the extra effort!


Cassidy said...

I have been doing this lately and it really does make me enjoy my work more. However I haven't ever worn my faux pearl necklace while doing my work. I have little pearl earrings to match. Today we have moved furniture and done a lot of work as a family and I am in jeans and a tee shirt. That's okay because I wear that a lot but when I wear my "nicer clothes" I feel better and enjoy it and am ready to run an errand in a moment's notice. (like yesterday when I had to run a sick little one to the doctor. I think tomorrow I will try my pearls and see how that makes me feel. I'm overweight right now and I enjoy my aprons but when I look in the mirror I feel like they make me look fatter. Still, tomorrow, I think I will darn my apron and pearls and see just how that makes my day more happy! Thank you for your wonderful posts. This is the "book" I am reading when I have time to sit down and rest a bit. Thank you for such "pearls" in this beautiful blog/book you are writing! Blessings! Cass

P.S. I would like to put this on my blog as a guest post with your permission, only, of course.