Friday, March 11, 2011

It is Well at Home

Nature's Glory I

The sun is shining outside. The other morning, I thought I heard the chirping of birds. It is a lovely sound to wake up to. I am just about to clean the kitchen. My teenagers tend to make a mess after I go to sleep at night. I enjoy the work. I will listen to some old southern gospel music and I will clean and polish and shine up my home with a grateful heart.

Later, I have some errands and adventures to attend to. During these trips, I get extra time in the car to talk to my teens. I hear their plans and dreams and goals .  . .  and they make me laugh.

Tonight will be a quiet night, with hot chocolate and good books and a simple supper. I will set the table carefully, with napkins and mismatched dishes. I will fill each glass with iced tea and we will enjoy some family time around the kitchen table.

I want to share with you a precious hymn - "It is Well with My Soul." I learned to sing this when I was part of our church choir as a teenager. We were taught both the history and the lyrics. It is a precious, sad song. I pray it will bless you this morning:

Mrs. White

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Because He Lives! said...

Hello Mrs.White, I agree about the teenagers part. On the weekends I tend to sleep a lot earlier than they do, so sometimes I wake up to a few suprises myself. I love this hymn. one of my favorites is "I Surrender All".