Sunday, January 8, 2012

Designed to Comfort Us

The Light

Sometimes when I drive my teenagers on an errand, we stop at a little store at the corner of an intersection. Across the street is a large church.  We can hear a gentle sound of hymns being played from the church bells. It is lovely. The sound calms my nerves. It soothes me. It takes my mind to heavenly things, and off my daily troubles. I am grateful to them. I wonder if they know it is a blessing to those walking by?

Sometimes I leave my Bible on the kitchen table, or the hutch counter.   When I am busy doing chores, I absentmindedly notice it and touch the cover. It slows me down for a moment, and turns my thoughts off this difficult life.

The Church, The Bible, Prayers, and Religious Duties are all designed to comfort us. They are there so we can take a break from the constant, stressful demands in this life. How would we ever survive without them? Wouldn't the light and the salt be removed? How, then, can we ever consider the neglect of these essential duties?

Mrs. White

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Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Thank you for reminding me to slow down and find some calm in this life. That is a beautiful picture in my mind of walking past the church and hearing the bells. There is peace if we seek it and recognize it.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Please stop by anytime!-----

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