Friday, September 7, 2012

Woes of Housework

Inside Yard, Venice
Inside Yard, Venice

In the quiet of the morning, I bustled about to do my chores.  Everyone was still asleep. I turned on old gospel music on the kitchen radio and tidied up the kitchen. I found all the dishes in the house and got them soaking.  I cleaned the parlour and made things look nice.

Walking through the house to inspect things, I checked the washer and dryer and found them empty. I scanned the room and was quite content. Until I noticed  the empty wicker shelves. What had happened to all my clean towels?

"Oh no!" I thought as I looked out the window.  But yes, there were all my towels hanging on the clothesline, soaking in the morning dew! I had left them there all night and all of yesterday!

I quickly brought them in, one by one, and threw them in the dryer. As I worked, one of the old clip-style clothespins got caught on my finger!  I suppose all the heavy labor of pulling towels in through the second story window was too much for me so early in the morning!  I was in enough pain to decide I could not wash the dishes. . .

Instead, I had a cup of tea and a little toast. I sat in my parlour chair and read a lovely book.  Now that I am telling you all this, I realize that typing is not causing me any pain.   I am now perfectly capable of washing those neglected dishes!

I hope your day is lovely!

Mrs. White

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Emily Fay said...

Hello! Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend ahead~ It sounds like you are enjoying the lovely moments of life~

Anonymous said...

I am only 42 but suffer with a great deal of pain and other ailments.You keep me inspired to keep pressing on.I love how possitive you are.I tend to feel sorry for myself and retreat to my room not somthing that should be done with five children still at home.You have shown me how to deal better with my little ackes and pains and not feel so sorry for myself or even get down on myself when I am in pain or weak. thank you and God bless you.Lucilla

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I've got a harvest of pears to start processing today. I just looked on-line and got recipes together and planned their order. Gotta get busy now. Have a beautiful day!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Anonymous said...

I suppose having the clothes line out that window also keeps you on your toes to keep that window ledge clean so your clean clothes will not get soiled too! :) I remember several women had such lines coming off their top back porch. My mother's lines were in the back yard and she also used the wood poles to keep the lines up in the air and had the frames with the many pins on the sides to stretch the lace curtains and such on to dry. Each wash day after all was dry she brought it back into the house..lines and all! I love your inspiring. Sarah

Katrinka said...

The sight of wash on the line is such a homey sight and I just really enjoy the smell of line dried towels and clothes. I enjoy the labor of hauling it outside and the repetitive movements of pinning or unpinning the items. I try to line dry as much of my clothing as I can to save money, but also because I tend to overschedule myself normally and if I plan to line dry everything I usually am forced to devote the whole day to nothing but laundry. That amounts to a surprisingly serene day for me. My husband enjoys helping me haul it outside and also unpinning and hauling it in with me in the late afternoon sunshine!

The yellow of the house in the picture above is almost exactly the color of my kitchen. My stepdaughter and her husband painted it for me.