Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Weary Housewife

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I think we all have these ideals of being a good housekeeper.  We have set chores, like washing floors, dusting and polishing on a regular basis.  One day last week, I enjoyed an entire day of just cleaning.  The house looked lovely. I took short breaks as needed, and paced myself accordingly to avoid becoming tired.  I was able to work in the kitchen and cook nice meals.  It was the perfect housekeeping day. 

But sometimes the "ideal" housewife is impossible.  We are a culture of exhausted mothers.  We have sicknesses, and distractions that are making it harder and harder for us to enjoy our work in the home.  Being our "own" boss would imply that we could stop all unhealthy activities and interferences so we could focus entirely on mothering, homemaking and being a good wife.   But few of us have such courage.  Or is it something we have to continually strive for? 

The last few days have been miserable for me.  I am unbearably weary from health difficulties.  I decided, late yesterday afternoon, to put myself on bed - rest for a few days.  It's not that I even do too much around the home, it is that my health has been declining for such a long time, there is little I can do anymore.  More rest requires me to stop what I love to do.  I love and adore keeping house. I love vacuuming and washing floors and cooking meals. It is what I delight in.  But my health will not allow it.  So back to bed I must go, for a time of respite.  Then I will emerge ready to keep house, but at a slower and slower pace. 

Yet, I will never give up.  . . I will certainly take times of rest and recovery. But I will never stop trying to keep this house for my precious family.  We housewives will get knocked down by many things in this life.   We must always get up and keep at it.  Rest, yes, but keep going. Heaven is waiting at the end, and the eternal rest will be glorious!

Mrs. White

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Debbie S. said...

I'm really sorry that you're not feeling well.
I pray your days of rest will give you back some energy and good health, so you can continue to inspire women everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I have really bad chronic health problems and I know just how that is. I try so hard to keep up with the basics- and do for just a little bit than crash out from overdoing it (which isn't even from doing much)and can't keep up while I recover from my cleaning. I wish I could keep a basic clean up daily, but find it just so hard with my chronic health problems. I do love cleaning and totally understand how frausterating it is to want to do more, but be unable. The last few days I've spent crashing out from the cleaning I did a few days before that. (and am frausterated that my house is back to messy while I recover) But you are right we keep on- even if that means not as soon as we would like while recovering. I am trying my hardest how to figure out how to do such a basic cleaning that it is something I can keep up with daily- on good health days and bad. So far sweeping seems to be the only thing I can still do on bad days (besides making food). My house seems to get cluttered up so fast especially with children. I think I am really going to work harder on training my children to help with the cleaning. But honestly some days I am so fatigued that it is hard to even get up the energy to motivate my kids to clean- that seems to be almost as much work as doing things myself!

Thankfully as homemakers we can rest as we need, which is so important!

Reading your post inspired me to also continue to get rid of clutter. Once when I was on bedrest for a complete month (from my health problems), I realized I have way too many things to manage- and can't keep up with the things! I got rid of so much and yet it still feels like too much. It seems like I spend all the energy I do have picking up clutter and tidying- and rarely have the energy left to actually do the cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I will be keeping up a prayer vigil for you. I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well :( Don't worry though, the home isn't going anywhere and soon you will be able to pick up where you left off. :)

Anonymous said...

You go girl, Mrs. White!! I am so sorry you have been feeling bad but I will be praying for your health to return. I would do the same thing- keep on keeping on and rest as needed. I love a clean home too. God bless you, You are a sweet inspiration for you family and readers.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Anonymous said...

I pray you feel better, Sharon.
I know how hard it is to deal with chronic illness and fatigue.

I am always reluctant to recommend anything or give advice, but I must ask you in earnest to try Tulsi tea.

The benefits for those who deal with health issues are numerous. It can be expensive in tea form, but I always buy my herbs in bulk at Mountain Rose Herbs for less than the cost of one box of tea.

There are other herbs that are also very beneficial. But Since I don't want to go on, or seem pushy, I can e-mail you with more information, only if you want me to!

Just let me know?!

Anonymous said...

Praying you'll be feeling better soon, Mrs. White. Tired days are no fun...and you've experienced them to the point of exhaustion. Glad to hear you're pacing yourself.


Laura Lane said...

May God infuse you with His Holy Spirit and with His supernatural rest and healing.

Blessings to you,

Suzanne said...

We do try to do too much, but I think that is a guilt thing. I have had health issues for the last three years that keep me down. I long to do so much more around my home, but I just can't. His grace is sufficient is what I cling to during rough times:-) Hope you'll heal or find strenght to endure.

Deanna said...

Mrs. White,
God bless and comfort you as you rest up.

I understand taking the slower pace. I have difficulty with it and have to take it easier than I like. Sometimes it is just plain frustrating.

Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing, thank you!


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