Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time to Enjoy Some Housework

Little Piece of Heaven

I got up around 6 this morning and have been so excited to start my day. I got dressed up, fixed my hair and turned on some Frank Sinatra. I want to be in a 1940's mood for housekeeping.

Today, I plan to delight in sweeping the front porch. I want to wash windows, and smile. I will organize my silverware drawer and polish the stove.

I will sweep the floors, dust, do laundry and enjoy every minute of it.

In a few hours, we will start our homeschool and enjoy some literature. We will have a pleasant lunch and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

But for now, it is time to enjoy some housework!

Mrs. White

A fascinating documentary - The 1940's House.

A very special book - My Prayer Journal.

Such content in The Homemaking Spirit.

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nannykim said...

Well, what a delightfully positive outlook!

Sandra said...

When we first married I absolutely hated cleaning the house. I was working all day and I didn't want to come home and work some more. But once I quit work and stayed home to be a keeper at home, my heart changed. No longer was it a job to clean my home, but a delight. There isn't a single thing that I really hate doing in the house.

Mrs. Stam said...

Love this post! My apron is on and lots got done this morning, I'm taking a break and snack and reading this post! Now I have my energy all refuel :-) thanks for this post and the encouragement!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pull my apron out too. I have a cute one with little tiny red apples and a pretty red bias. We splurged and bought bacon yesterday. I will heat the oven up and let it bake, our favorite way to make it - 8 minutes at 450 in the oven, just being careful when pulling it out not to spill a drop of drippings. I am encouraged daily by your words.

Anonymous said...

This is the attitude we shall have when doing our beautification of our homes...


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

That is a good attitude to have. I did get up early and got some things done, but my house doesn't have that happy, clean feeling quite yet. I don't even think I own an apron...I'm checking right now.

Christine:) said...

Mrs. White, you inspire me so much! I subscribe to your blog via e-mail, so unfortunately, I'm not always the best at commenting on your actual blog, but I truly enjoy your writing and your fabulous work ethic and love that you have for your family. You are a wonderful inspiration to this new-ish mom. Thanks for everything:)

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