Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Little School at Home

Boy in Front of Classmates Reads Aloud under Teacher's Watchful Gaze

Years ago, I opened my home as a small daycare to the children in our community. I do not like institutional settings so these babies and children were like part of our family. We have a large property, with an American Flag and an Antique Wagon on the front lawn. Our 1800's estate is a colonial house with 14 rooms. It looks like a museum.

I remember one of the residents of our town calling my house an academy, because I was teaching my own children and taking care of other children as well. I love our little home school. It was a compliment I greatly appreciated.

I no longer babysit for other families. It is just us now.  Out of my own five children, I only have two students left - Amy (15) and John (13). I know they will grow up sooner than I imagine. They will graduate and I will be a retired teacher of my own school.

Today, I did what I could to make the most of our lessons. I printed off extra worksheets from places like abcteach.com and KB Teachers. I put together folders with plenty of assignments for my children. Then we did our usual routine along with some extra writing and math lessons. It was a productive day.

I have been reading The Letters and Lessons of Theodore Roosevelt for His Sons. It amazed me to see what his home life was like and how he interacted with his boys!  Literature is such an amazing resource. We can be transported to another time and place. We can be inspired, encouraged and educated through the written word. One thing I hope my students never lose, is their love and longing for good books.  At the very least, when they graduate, I hope I can still recommend classic and current literature to help enrich their lives.

And I hope that when I retire from teaching, they will fondly remember my little school.

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Mrs. Stam said...

I so wish I could go visit you :-) and see your home, sounds like a lovely place :-)

Unknown said...

Oh I don't think you will ever retire from teaching. Before you blink an eye you will have grand children and it will all begin all over again!!