Monday, April 4, 2011

Cooking While Holding a Bible

Tulips and Other Flowers

There is plenty of work to do in this house. All day long I cooked. . . and cleaned. . . and cared for the children.  All day long I took care of everyone else and struggled with my lack of benevolence.  "I can only do so much!" - I constantly prayed to the Lord. . .  And yes, I fell asleep for 20 minutes in the afternoon and had trouble snapping out of it when I was needed again.  But I kept going. . .

I kept working on making a home and feeding the family. I had my hair up and  looked as nice as I could through it all. Does haggard beauty count for something?

Evening came. I did dishes and then started supper. But it was getting late. I did not want to miss our Bible time. So John (13) and I pulled out the Bibles. . .  and hymn books . . . and my record book.   We said the prayers. I got up to stir the hamburger. We sang Rock of Ages, from memory, while I worked.  Then I sat back down to take turns reading the Bible.

Supper needed to be cooked. Yet, I would not neglect our worship time. So I grabbed my Bible and held it in one hand, while I stirred the supper. . . I took my turn reading, and following along with John.

The light of the stove was dim in our old kitchen. The steam of the food was warm. The work was hard. But I held that Bible and continued to cook.   No one was there to see our faithfulness.  But God saw.  And it was precious.

Mrs. White

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Lisa Grace said...

So simple, do devoutly beautiful!

Rebecca Knox said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who does things this way. (Just last night my son and I were reading our Bibles and our other reading together late into the night.) It's comforting to know...I mean I KNOW this, but I tend to forget, I's good to be REMINDED...that God sees our efforts and that it really does count. Sometimes I feel that if it's not done the way it's "supposed" to be done (you know those little boxes that I have a habit of putting everything into), then it doesn't count. Thanks for the sweet reminder. God bless you, Mrs. White! You are indeed a blessing to me.

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

I'm usually up pretty early in the morning and also stay up pretty late and am usually going and doing all of the time. I try to put my feet up around 3:00 p.m. and do a crossword or read a page or two of a really good book and have a cup of tea with a cookie. So I can make it through the evening with my family! And I ALWAYS fall asleep! :)

Illinois Lori said...

Dear Mrs. White,

I loved this one...and I believe God WAS, indeed, pleased! And yes, "haggard beauty" DOES count! LOL!!!

btw, I went for my dr. appointment yesterday afternoon, and, PTL, the lumps under my arms were GONE! They couldn't find anything, anywhere :-) I'll have a followup mammogram, just to be extra careful, but I am so grateful! These were a trying 3 weeks. I have to tell you that I was so blessed, during these weeks of waiting and anxious moments, to spend time in "Stepping Heavenward." That book brought me so much peace and calm...every time I began to feel anxious, I would pick it up and start to read. Invariably, I would come to a passage that just spoke peace to my heart. I downloaded your study guide a while ago, but decided to read the book through, first; I am almost done (just a few more pages to go), and then I'll go back and read it again, doing the study alongside.

So thank you in advance!

I'm hosting a celebratory giveaway at my blog...some rubber stamps from "Stampin' Up!" if you like those things...stop by and enter!

Many blessings to you, you are in my prayers!
Lori (IllinoisLori)

Our Italian Kitchen said...

That's such a sweet tradition and it's great that you keep your priorities in order!

Sue said...

I am sure that God honoured your devotion and I am sure that you have never looked more beautiful to Him than at that moment.

Be blessed Mrs.White

Sue x