Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blessing of Being Trapped at Home

Rural Countryside

I didn't have the use of a car yesterday. It was one of my best days at home. I got up early and did some housework. I hung laundry on the clothesline. I polished and scrubbed my kitchen, throughout the day. I cleaned and organized my bedroom. Mr. White vacuumed out windowsills and put in screens. I vacuumed our carpets and put away all our clothes. I didn't want to see anything hanging over the back of my grandmother's rocking chair. The room looked lovely and inviting. The room became our spring and summertime escape from the rest of the house.  It made me grateful that our long Vermont winter was over.

I had to be creative in the kitchen. I was not able to do the grocery shopping.  So I made homemade biscuit dough. Then I shaped it into personal size mini-pizzas for each of us. I was thankful for tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese!

I dreamed about cake and cookies, but enjoyed a stick of gum instead. . . I drank water and hot tea and took happy breaks.

Then I started organizing one of my children's rooms.  I loved dusting bookcases, and refolding laundry. I sorted and smiled. I hauled out clutter and trash. Soon it started looking like a real room.

As I worked, Mr. White mowed the lawn. We were both busy making a home.  We smiled and joked about how much work we were doing, but we were proud. I would go outside and visit him and he would come inside the house to visit me.

I loved being here all day. I loved being trapped without a car. I loved that no one could ask me for a ride.

Even though we didn't have much food, or any resources, we found a way to get by. Neither of us could drive to the store for cookies or drinks or ingredients for supper. But we managed. We were more creative and much happier.  It was a joy to be forced to stay home.

Mrs. White

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Stacie said...

I am thankful for this post. My husband and I have one car and when he is at work on base I am without a car and "stuck" at home. But I enjoy it! I often find myself straightening, tidying, and cleaning just like you! I find it to be a peaceful thing to stay at home!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

We are actually blessed with two cars but one day, my husband's car was not working, so he had to use mine. I recall not being upset that day because I was "trapped" at home. Instead, it was a blessing. I still was able to get things done around the home as always, and I was more than happy to loan my car to my husband, who needed it more than I did.

Also, even though we have two cars, I hardly ever use my car except for grocery shopping and errands. :)


-L. Rose

P.S. I voted for you. :)

Nicole said...

Those are my FAVORITE days! For the month or so after my daughter started her first job, she didn't have her own car. So she would have to take mine. I would be "stuck" at home ... happy as a lark!!! :)

My home is really the only place I want to be, other than the grocery store. I love to grocery shop.

Have a great rest of your week!

Mom of 5 said...

What an inspiring post :)

Sherri B. said...

Not long ago my car was in the shop and I too was without and my day went very much like yours. Later my sister and I were talking and laughing about this because it isn't like we couldn't just tell ourselves to stay home today and clean...somehow it just wouldn't be the same...Go figure.

Lisa Grace said...

When our van was totalled and we were without a vehicle for 6 months, life was simpler. There are days I choose to ignore that I now have a way out of the house!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Hey just wanted you to know I've been voting for you ;-)
Keep serving our King! I'm honored to be a co-laborer with you!

Julianne said...

what a uplifting post! it's obvious you know how to make the best of any situation, a true lesson for us!
Thank you for the encouragment to be joyful in all things!

Jo said...

Hi, this is my first visit. What a lovely blog you have.

We only have one car so this happens to me occasionally and I really don't mine (I could catch a bus if I wanted to). I love a day at home baking and being creative.

Leetah East said...

I love the simple pleasures in life, and being without a car is definitely one of them for me. I went without a car for 6 months since we only have one vehicle and my husband needed it to get to work. When he started a new job that provided transportation for him I really wasn't pleased to have the car back. It meant I had to run errands and life seemed to always be pushing me out of the house when the car was suddenly available. Thank you for the wonderful post and I am voting for you! I am in love with your blog, it has been very uplifting and inspiring for me.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

It is nice to be "stuck" once in a while, whether it is with no car, or with a child who has a cold, or no computer. I get so much more work done around the house on those days.

The Atypical Housewife said...

My husband and I only have one car, so unless it's the weekend, I'm always stuck at home. It was a difficult to adjust to at first, but now it seems normal! We buy our groceries for two weeks at a time, so we almost always have what we need to get by. Having just one car saves us a ton of money, so in the end it is totally worth it!! I'm glad you enjoyed your car-free day!! Monica

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Almost makes me want to go clean something . . . almost. :) Glad I found your blog.

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