Friday, March 30, 2012

Serenity at Home

Feeding the Doves

I have been resting a lot lately. When weariness comes, we have to re-evaluate what housework is most important. . . Or what errands are essential. It's very important to recover when one is ill or worn out.

The other day, I watched Ever After with one of my girls. I love the clothes in those days. I even like some of the peasant clothes! Sometimes I wish we could have custom made clothes, rather than depending on the local store for the latest fashion. I am rarely happy with the clothing choices in the stores.

Today, I have to keep resting. I am going to find something pleasant to watch on television and just try to recover from whatever has this grip on me. I am hoping I will feel better by the beginning of next week.

I miss cleaning and cooking and wearing my apron. I miss listening to gospel music while I work. I miss the view from my parlour window while I read. I feel like I've entered into some kind of confinement and must be temporarily bedridden.

But there is serenity in resting. I am dressed up in a full-length Edwardian dress I made many years ago. It is black with delicate gold flowers. It has an empire waist and small, gathered sleeves. (I bought the fabric on clearance for one dollar and can't believe I managed to make this dress out of it!) . . . It is comfortable and peaceful to wear certain kinds of clothing.

Yesterday, as I did a few minor tasks around the house, I took many breaks. Then went back to bed. I thought of Beth in Little Women. I thought of how her heart had been weakened from Scarlet Fever. But she was happy at home.  She loved the peacefulness and slowness of a happy, quiet life at home. And today, I will forget about any worries or troubles and just enjoy the serenity of illness.

Mrs. White

Being Cheerful- Homemaking with Frank Sinatra.

Looking Nice even on the Bad Days - When Mama is an Invalid.

I need to have one of these - A Jane Austen Day - When Mother is Worn Out.

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Dana S. said...

I LOVE "EverAfter"! That and "One Night with the King" are fabulous and I love the dresses in both!

You know the dress that Drew Barrymore has on when she comes to the ball and he sees her with the wings? I wanted to make that dress (in white) for my wedding dress--but just didn't have the time. I might have even worn the wings! :-)


Cassidy said...

I pray that you are well soon!
Smiles, Cass

Tammy said...

I hope the weekend is a happy and restful one for you and your family, and you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come next week!

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Praying for a rapid recovery!

busymomof10 said...

I always enjoy reading your posts!

I hope you feel better and stronger soon!!!!


Laura Lane said...

Dear Mrs. White,

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord rain down strength and wholeness on you. May you feel yourself growing stronger and stronger. I pray this in Jesus' Name.


Bless you my long-distance friend!

Thanks so much for introducing me to TOS crew. I've been incredibly blessed to have new things to teach my children with.

Have a wonderful Holy Week.

Laura Lane
Just outside Joplin, Missouri

Mrs Sarah Coller said...

Love to you and your family today!

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