Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thinking about Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day, Mother and Child

With Mother's Day coming up, I have to start making plans. I want to make the day a little extra special for my family. We will go to church and then come home to a nice dinner. My grown children will not make it home, but I will hear from them by telephone. Things are so different when the children are older.

I will look through my keepsakes and see all the old mother's day notes from when they were little. I will remember Mother's Day past and be thankful for Mother's Day present.

It used to be that one could hear whispering and giggling in the other room while young ones tried to make breakfast and surprise me. They were so excited to give me handmade cards and gifts! They would also rally around Dad when he gave me some special present.

Years later, I learned the harsh reality of Mother's Day. It was a time to visit cemeteries when my dear Mother-in-law passed away. We visited her grave and then the grave of my grandmother. Many other visitors were there, somber and quiet, reflective and sad. They placed flowers at the resting places of their beloved Mothers.

Today, Mother's Day means more than ever. It is not a day to expect gifts, but a day to be thankful. It is a day to enjoy children and grandchildren and to find delight in their laughter and happiness. It is no longer all about "me." But about them.

   It is a day to make everyone else happy and be the gracious hostess Mother has always been known for - - the nurturer, the one who wants to see joy in her family. It is also a day to reflect on our jobs as Mothers, and to strive to be better.  We must learn that, even though it is precious to receive gifts and cards, it is far better to bring delight to their hearts.

So this year, I will be finding ways to surprise my children, making precious memories in their lives so they will always remember the living guardian angel their Mother tried to be.

Mrs. White

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Cindi said...

Mother's day is difficult for me as I lost my Mother right before Mother's day, almost 3 years ago. Praying God and my children can restore and repair my heart.

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