Friday, October 26, 2012

I Don't Need a To - Do List

Two Little Girls Help their Mother with the Laundry on Washday

I have come to realize that I only need a list of things to do, when I have been slacking, or out of it. I know that sounds harsh, but when I do my daily, normal routine, I don't need a list.

Why would I have to read a piece of paper to tell me to wash the dishes? Or if I notice the floor needs sweeping, will I check my list first?

Making a daily list can limit our joy and creativity in homemaking.  There are certainly times for a list (for example - during spring cleaning, or when extra things need doing).  But for daily work, a list can be a hindrance.  It interferes with the normal flow of the day.  It makes one focus more on the paper, than on what we see before us.

I want to wake up each day, and be so good at my job as a homemaker, that I know what to do without being told (by a list).  I want to wash mirrors, dust furniture, wash floors and sparkle counters because I see that it needs to be done, not because of a piece of paper.

Early yesterday morning, I had the care of my grandbaby.  He is such a treasure. I sterilized bottles, made a batch of formula, and prepared his morning bottle.  I also washed dishes and tidied up the rooms, while he played. Then I sat in my parlour chair and delighted in feeding and holding him.  After he fell asleep, I gently placed him in the crib for his nap.  I went back to creating a happy and orderly home, while frequently checking on him. 

No list in the world could have given me such joy, as taking care of the baby while doing my homemaking duties.

Mrs. White

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Debbie S. said...

I love this post. It's been a thought of mine lately, that I need to write down all the regular duties that should be done during the week, so I can know when it's ok to sit and relax!
This is a different way of looking at things, the problem is, I feel like that's all I do!

Blessings to you:)

Rayna@BrightCopperKettles said...

Thank you so much. Mrs. White for your inspirational post! An inveterate list maker, I find that I'm so much happier (and ironically more productive) when I ditch the chores-on-paper. Why, oh why, do I keep having to learn this lesson over and over again?

Thank you for the reminder. You are such a blessing in my life!

The warm fireplace said...

Thank you for this inspirational post.

Michelle said...

I agree!! I don't make a list for my everyday duties. Somehow, a list makes me feel rushed and I also like to take my time. I will just go room by room and do what needs done.I put together a binder like you posted about before with my daily and weekly routines for when I need to be down from my chronic illness for the children to refer to. That has been a blessing, as they can see what I need help with and I am not writing a lot of lists every day for them.

Cathy said...

I need to jot down the little odd things I notice that I want to do, because I'll forget them in the midst of the daily routine. But as far as the routine things, I love the freedom we homemakers have, to go from one task to another, according to our choice. It should be a peaceful and joyful thing, caring for one's home and family. Though I do remember when all eleven children were home, it was not as easy to feel the peace and the joy in all the work that needed to be done. When I had a lot of babies and children in the house, sometimes I needed a list to remember even the routine things.

Sheila from Florida said...

Thank you, Mrs. White for releasing me from the LIST. It becomes a whip for me. Now I do things as I see them and try not to be sidetracked. Then I accomplish more because each item is finished.

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