Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mother's Glory

"Christmas Morning", December 24, 1955

One of the greatest delights of motherhood is taking pride in our young children. We work hard to bathe, feed, educate, train and clothe them.  They are like precious cherubs who delight us and give us joy.  We love and adore them.

Our most difficult task, however, is instilling virtue and moral values into their characters. We take them to Sunday school and Church events.  We read the Bible and pray with them. We make Bible time and family worship a daily habit, hoping and praying it will take root in their souls and give them the peace that passeth all understanding, and lead them to their eternal home.

As time goes on, our little ones get into the middle years and things get harder. They begin taking different paths and making childish decisions that cause them harm.  When they are teenagers and young adults, they may fall into a great many trials. And this will make a mother weep.  She may go into a deep despair and be heartbroken for many years.

The bravest of mothers will smile through this dark time, and bring as much heavenly light into the home as she possibly can. She will still seek holiness and will endure, knowing the dawn will soon come.

One great day, Mother's glory will shine forth.  The glory is -  finally realizing that it is God that molds and shapes a holy soul, and it is HE who gets the glory.  If the child had grown, with ease, under mothers dedicated care, without a fault or a trial, then her skills and talents would have received all the praise.  Nay, let it not be so.

That family  may have shined here on this earth, but the brighter reward is the holy warmth of the Lord which shaped the souls of mother's children.  It is the mothers tears and work and turmoil through the years that is praised. But the final result, the reality of Mother's glory, is the humble and broken gratefulness of seeing God work in their lives, of God stepping in and doing the miracles, and of God making holy citizens out of the descendants in Mother's house.

The glory is the Lord's.  Remember this the next time you fall into weeping for your children. 

Mrs. White

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Tammy said...

Love this, so much!

Susan in Canada said...

I read this out to my husband and said, "I think Mrs. White has been sitting on a rocking chair in my living room!" You've touched my heart with this, as we are going through some difficult times with a young adult in our family too. Thank you so much for blessing me today!

Cathy said...

Our Pastor was saying that with each child there is a time of wrestling. I love your reminder that it is God who gets the glory, not my earthly motherly pride. As mothers, our boast shall be in the Lord.